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Ready readers subscribe to the video service Apple — Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook 10.01.2019 at 10:00

Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook

Yesterday on TV channel CNBC program Mad Money Tim cook said that this year Apple will introduce several new services. One of them, presumably, should be a streaming video service, which in Cupertino have high hopes and plan to invest in its development several billion dollars. We decided to find out how our readers think of the possibility of launch of analogue Netflix from Apple and if they make him the subscription, if it will work in Russia.

Despite the fact that Apple Music subscription in Russia, Apple has appointed a super-reasonable price, which is almost 5 times lower than in Europe, expect that the access unique movies and series with the Russians will ask for less than 400 rubles, not exactly necessary. But readers the majority noted that this price is too high, making it clear that they would not subscribe, if Apple will not offer the Russians more affordable prices.

the results of the survey

In total subscription for 400 rubles a month is too expensive found 42% of respondents. Respondents from this category stated unequivocally that they will not issue the subscription at this price. Probably affected the experience of using Apple Music, which in Russia is so cheap that I could afford to subscribe can almost anyone.

Another 28% emphatically stated that I do not subscribe to video service from Apple that are not interested in serials and movies in principle. Still, on viewing even one episode, you need to allocate at least an hour a day, which, unfortunately, is not at all.

the Remaining 30% said they are happy to subscribe for 400 rubles, if the service will work in Russia. Most likely, this category of respondents belong to the fans who have already had experience of using similar products and understand how much can and should cost you access to the top movies and series.

Why subscribe to a series so expensive

Speaking of video, it is important to realize that their creators are incomparably greater costs than those required to support the work of music streaming services. If in the case of Apple Music major expense for Apple has been paying royalties to performers and copyright holders of the tracks, in the case of a platform to distribute films and TV series all the way.

to maintain consumers interest in their product, companies like Amazon and Netflix are forced to start producing their own content, which is huge money. The same should be done Apple to attract the audience to the child. It is logical that, carrying billions of dollars in costs and charging users $ 2.5 (169 rubles), the company runs the risk of incurring serious losses.

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