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Why the drop in sales of iPhone is dangerous for Android smartphones — Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook 10.01.2019 at 11:30

Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook

If iPhone sales will continue to decline further, this would not promise anything good not only for Apple but also for manufacturers of Android smartphones, for which demand will also fall. This opinion was expressed by ZDNet columnist Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. In his opinion, smartphones are in this respect no different from iPod and iPad, the drop in sales which invariably led to the decline in the share of devices of competing manufacturers of the same market segment.

"I well remember the rise and fall of the iPod, says Kingsley-Hughes. — It was a device that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and, given its price, gives [manufacturers] confidence that their position is unwavering. Yet, the iPod has become an icon of market players, making it clear that he will never die. But it happened [...] and, as you can see, the line has not received updates in 2015. The same thing ultimately was to happen with smartphones".

the iPad at the time, it also became a litmus test, reporting the imminent collapse of the tablet market. But when the original "tablets" Apple has experienced a major decline in demand, Android tablets have almost completely disappeared from the market. Today, only some very persistent vendors continue to produce solutions based on Android, while the vast majority have refused this idea.

Smartphones on the peak

obviously, infinite growth is a priori impossible and the smartphone market has already reached its peak. Most reputable analysts say about it, predicting a further fall in the demand for telephones for all vendors without exception. But because Apple has managed to climb above the rest in this pyramid, that its fall might take them too. This version is already confirmed by Samsung, who reported a tremendous drop in demand for its products and a 30% reduction in income.

What to do

is it Possible to deal with it? Probably not. Of course, in 2019 the market of Android-smartphones will be a lot of changes, but, obviously, none of them will lead to serious growth. So the only thing we can do, as consumers, just accept and observe how producers will solve any of them (!) problems. Same for us with you nothing will change fundamentally.

But our editor-in-chief thinks otherwise. In his opinion, the fall in iPhone sales is not due to the satiety of the market and the high prices that Apple has set on the model of the current generation. For this reason, consumers are not willing to pay for a smartphone such money, there is a natural desire to move to Android, which offers plenty of flagship models at a relatively low price. In addition, says Renat Grishin, the direct dependence of the demand for top-end iPhone model indicate higher sales of conventionally available iPhone XR, which rashodima better XS and XS Max.

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