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Off the coast of the Philippines to found the "fish alien"

MComp 10.01.2019 at 20:59

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Strange creature caused confusion among local fishermen.

reported "fish-alien," was discovered in a small town in the Philippines in January 2019 local resident Diana Mikkelsen. She confessed that she had anything similar in their areas never swam. From coast found three specimens of a strange animal, their bodies were completely transparent, each of the found specimens up to 10 cm in length. Near the tail, through the body, can be considered something that looks like a heart and stomach.

Found "fish" was immediately taken to specialists. They concluded that the creatures are not aliens and are Salam, to a specific type Salpa Maggi. It is plankton, which is described as a mixture of shrimp and fish. They live in shallow waters and move in flocks. Why had these creatures not been seen in the area and how they strayed from the pack – unknown.

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