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Called 4 reasons for the deterioration of acceleration of the car in the winter

MComp 11.01.2019 at 02:40

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The problem faced by all motorists who have to drive in the cold, and the experts decided to tell you what causes it.

first, in order for the engine to function properly, it needs full warm-up, which depending on characteristics of the motor and the temperature regime is achieved for a certain period of time. It often happens that with short trips the engine does not have time to fully warm up.

secondly, in cold weather the density of all fluids in the vehicle increases. For example, the oil thickens in the PPC that affects the acceleration.

third, In the cold season in the car works more heating electronics which increases the energy consumption. It "takes" energy from the power plant, even despite the fact that running the generator.

the Fourth factor deteriorating the acceleration of the car in the cold, is winter tires. It is somewhat larger than usual, but because the engine need more "power" to turn the wheel.

experts Also remind that in the winter you have to ride in the snow, and it provides additional resistance.

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