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The shock of the "Chinese" Famous obzorschik told his Geely Atlas stuck in a mini-snowdrift

MComp 11.01.2019 at 06:49

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The Driver was amazed that he couldn't leave snow Park in the Chinese crossover. The car had to be dug out with a shovel from a small snowdrift.

a Famous obzorschik, shooting videos on a channel called Dizzlike Channel, said that his Geely Atlas gave him a nasty surprise, and stuck in a mini snow Bank. The car did not save even the presence of all-wheel drive because rear wheel would not scroll.

however, it is impossible to tell that the crossover was lying on the bottom, as the model is still quite high ground clearance. The problem was that the snow was not loose, and compacted.

the Motorist experienced a shock of "Chinese", because I am sure that I would be able to leave this snow even in a car that is not marketed as a "conqueror offroad".

Some drivers in the comments noted that he was disappointed in the car. Other commentators suggested that Geely Atlas blogger may be faulty.

"I'm Sure you have a technical problem with the car", "the Namesake, I don't understand why you have it not going? I have no problem", "the thing I noticed immediately after purchase. Parking backwards on a high curb, I was very surprised that the car doesn't get here, but vtopil sneaker, it worked," write the users.

Recall, Geely Atlas is sold in Russia at a price of 1 050 000 rubles for the front-drive version. For four-wheel drive crossover in the "top" in the configuration asking for 1 460 000 rubles.

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