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"Arise huge country": Russian people approve of what is happening in France

MComp 11.01.2019 at 07:00

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Putin against that him afraid, and Russian support. The movement of the "yellow jackets" is gaining momentum with each passing day more and more. The beginning of the uprising was caused by higher fuel prices, now the rage in the hearts of the French people, heads the hatred of the entire policy of the current authorities.

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"Cancel tours at the Eiffel tower" — this was the first well-known and at the moment the only action taken by France before the onset of the "yellow jackets." And all because the Board did not expect such a growing terrible events, it was assumed only a small rally. At the first steps of the rebellion, the number of Protestants reached a few hundred, not a few, but not many. Currently, the number of participants is rapidly developing actions increased to 25 thousand people.

to Think that this figure is a small provincial town in Russia. All these Protestants, only the frightened citizens of their country, scared but fearless in order to take some actions to large-scale changes in the country.

the Current President of France Emmanuel macron, has long declared a state of emergency in the state. The government has introduced military equipment and a large number of militants. However, by the end of the revolt is not led, and only heightened the anger of Protestants who kicked the door of the building of the Ministry. In addition, are endless "slaughter" with the police, there are burning cars and buildings. Also, the network was the news of the death of one of the "yellow jackets", the man was crushed by a military tank, and the President of France, meanwhile, condemned the violence.

the Current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a conference said: "We don't want a situation like in France, so let's change that". It seems this opinion is shared by only public authorities, as most Russians expressed support for the French that those fellows are "fighting for their rights, for their freedom, for their lives under normal conditions". "Get up huge country!" — comments of the "yellow jackets" the population of Russia. Some even drew a parallel between the current protests and French may events of 1968 in France.

Then, student performance grew into a 10 million a General strike, which incidentally resulted in a change of government and resignation of President Charles de Gaulle. At the moment, the whole world is breathlessly following the developments, and the authorities hope for a speedy end to the "revolution".

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