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Razin: the New darling of Putin will inspire him to improve the standard of living in the country

MComp 11.01.2019 at 08:12

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Andrey Razin sure that the new fiancee Vladimir Putin will make the lives of Russians better.

the leader of the Russian Federation was constantly in the spotlight, and people are always interesting personal life of the President. After her divorce from Lyudmila Putina place near the "first" man of the country was free, and Mr Putin himself not as not commented on the rumors about his personal life. Only at the last conference to a journalist's question about his personal life, Putin gave the promise to "reveal all card". Already for this reason time to speak of ex-soloist of "Tender may" Andrei Razin. He is sure that "the young wife" will inspire the President and improving the standard of living of Russians is not far off.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has always had great taste in everything and women are no exception. So the musician is confident that the Chapter will be chosen to meet the leader of the Russian Federation and to support him in the now lung situation of the country on the world stage. Immediately after Putin's divorce rumors of his affair with Alina Kabaeva and now these rumors only intensified. The people of Russia awaits the official announcement from the head, who took the place in his heart.

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