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Repair of gas boilers, and diesel burners: Kiturami, #Viessmann, Ferroli, Protherm, Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant, Buderus, Junkers, DeDietpich, Navien, Lamborgini, Cuenod, Bentone, Ecoflam, Baltur

Repair of gas boilers 11.01.2019 at 07:07

Repair boilers — 8 (915) 342-73-82 — Assembling of diesel and gas boilers. Servicing of boilers 24 hours a day

Boiler Repairs — Service #Repair #heating #Installation #Installation of boilers — 8 (915) 342-73-82 — Servicing of boilers 24 hours a day

We offer the following activities, to ensure the normal operation of the boiler equipment:

start-up and emergency repairs (including service diesel burners emergency repairs to boilers ); maintenance (cleaning gas boilers, radiators, heat exchangers); flushing of heating systems and pipelines of hot and cold water.

Faults gas boilers:

the extinction of the burners in the hot weather; the "separation" of the flame at the pilot light; extinction of flame after turning on the boiler; the equipment starts to smoke.

the Repair of diesel boilers is necessary in cases, when:

when you are working you do not receive a flame; the flame lights up, however, some time later triggered the emergency shutdown of the boiler; fuel system does not supply fuel.

Our service center performs the repair of gas boilers in Moscow and the Moscow region . Quick check in for 45 minutes on the object.

24 hours a day — 8 (915) 3427382