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Mazavr Blog 07.01.2019 at 11:17

Patriotic news resource

The Japanese did not hide that the transfer of the Islands all ready. Prime Minister Abe on the grave of his father, which he visited, told reporters that he had sworn to put an end to the issue of returning territories, and assured that this year it will be resolved. It is unlikely that such a purely intimate thing, like visiting the graves of relatives for no reason accompanied by journalists. Most likely, they were invited deliberately in order to emphasize the symbolism and pathos of what is happening.

In contrast, the subject of the surrender of the Kuril Islands went on a very long-range plan. We have more to tell such important news as the fact that Putin today at noon with a cannon shot in the fortress in 12 hours (by the way, I was wondering why there are so many gloomy people in plain clothes in the morning and cars of traffic police in ambushes - and that between a grateful nation and a great leader cordons of the city, not strangled in the arms). In General, counter Putin vows that not an inch of native land to the adversary, we can not wait.

apparently, the end was near. A state crime is fully prepared, it remains only to formalize. People who are at the beginning of his political career the first thing people robbed, plundered resources for the supply of food to starving Petersburg early 90 behave like looters all the time, now plundering the whole country. The psychological disposition not to break.

Now the main thing - not to confuse anyone that will give away. What is the Chinese that to the Japanese, what anyone.