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Materials Lockerbie, and lies about MH-17

Mazavr Blog 07.01.2019 at 12:19

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Government spying for the sake of public lie - that the materials show regarding Lockerbie lies about MH17

this month marks thirty years since the explosion of the bomb on Board flight PA 103 airlines Pan American (photo top left) flying from London to new York. About the history of the British and American governments invented to accuse Libya and justify the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, demanded the falsification of evidence and conviction in a rigged trial against the wrong person. It is also required surveillance of the relatives of those who died to thwart their attempts to get to the truth.

the Scale of this operation was disclosed last week as a result of partial release of British government documents from the National archives of the United Kingdom. Among the revealed espionage operations was wiretapping phones, hacking computers and e-mail viewing.

Opened archive data also shows that the same methods used in 2014 to manufacture a responsibility for the destruction of flight MH17 Malaysia Airlines (photo above right) of Ukraine and justify global sanctions against Russia, plus the operation to overthrow President Vladimir Putin.

But thirty years of state secrets to justify government lies is not sufficient to bring to justice those responsible for the lies or the truth was stronger than them.

the Aircraft flight RA 103 was destroyed over Lockerbie, Scotland, 21 December 1988. It took off from London and an hour was flying at cruising altitude in new York, when in the cargo compartment, a bomb exploded. All 259 passengers on Board the aircraft died, and 11 people on the ground.

the front pages of Newspapers Murdoch: left - 24 February 2011; right - October 20, 2011

Left a great headline: “Gaddafi gave the orders to blow up the plane over Lockerbie”, right: “Gaddafi killed by bullet in the head. It's for Lockerbie. And for Yvonne Fletcher. And the victims of the Irish Republican Army”

the validity of the 30-year-old of the decision to withhold public documents on this case now expires in the National archives. In the preliminary mardarovskiy message in the newspaper last week alleged that they saw these papers, but the newspaper does not publish them directly or completely. The message about the documents appeared in the Scottish section of the Friday edition of the newspaper “the times”. The same message is in the “Scottish sun”.

the report describes that the officials from the government of then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher agreed to the special, covert action “careful observation” for the relatives of the dead passengers because their attempts to investigate the facts of what happened. In the newspaper report does not specify by name the officials of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the correspondence of which with the Scottish Lord advocate (the attorney-General of Scotland) and Thatcher was viewed. Also not given the details of surveillance and hacking operations, and is not disclosed the role played by official deception of the mainstream media and their journalists.

“Families of Lockerbie: the government is spying on us”

Source: the times, November 30, 2018.

This newspaper report, apparently, confirms that most of the documents of the British government on the Lockerbie case continues to conceal; the most important of them may have been destroyed to prevent their tradition of openness, according to the representatives of the victims. Media Murdoch, who led the open falsification, continue to persist.

(In the US chief Prosecutor in the case of Libyan responsibility was Robert Mueller, who is now the special Prosecutor for excitation of criminal cases concerning alleged Russian interference in American politics. Three years later, after the attack in Lockerbie Mueller was acting Deputy attorney General in charge of the arraignment in November 1991 Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the Libyan, and later convicted of this attack.)

the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, told reporters last week: “We will not comment on the contents of our archival documents”.

additional messages in Scotland and the Fourth channel in London cited Aamer Anwar, the lawyer al-Megrahi, saying: “it is not Surprising that the security services were ordered to monitor those British relatives, who still have not abandoned their search for the truth”... Anwar said that it is shocking that the British government refused to disclose the documents at the same time destroying some of them during the trial: “My clients consider it an attempt to obstruct the administration of justice ... I wrote to the Lord advocate asking for full disclosure of all relevant facts, discovered by the police.”

In the case of MH17, the British courts have refused to access government documents or allow lawyers, relatives of the first stage to establish the cause of the deaths of ten British citizens who died on Board the aircraft. The decision to ban the hearings in a coroner's court in Britain was made by the Minister of internal Affairs in July, 2015 today's Prime Minister Theresa may. Details on how this was done can be read here. The Australian government has gone one step further, concealing the secret intelligence and analytical notes exchanged between the attorney General and the Prime Minister, in which a conclusion is made that the position on the guilt of Russia is untenable; read details here

Similar operations by planting fabricated evidence in mardarovskiy publications and other mainstream media, concealment of contratistas and operation of surveillance, hacking and discredit alternative sources continued by the Dutch and Australian intelligence services. But there is one difference. The organization of relatives of victims of the attack at Lockerbie, mostly British and American - were better organized and more persistent for many years and is much more negative sentiment towards government versions of what happened. Cm. here a selection of books with their evidence base.

the shooting down of flight MH17 led to the deaths of 298 passengers and crew. No relative has not challenged publicly the story about the responsibility of Russia.

the Dutch sources say they believe that the Dutch Ministry of foreign Affairs and the security services have teamed up to keep the families of the victims of flight MH17 under constant surveillance. Families advised to give instructions to the lawyers to promote the charges against the Russian objectives in local, European and American courts. Keep them from conversations with journalists who are known for critical attitude to the official version regarding what caused the destruction of the aircraft.

the Agents of the Australian and maybe the American intelligence services was evident during the hearings in the coroner's court in Melbourne, Australia, in December 2015. It was the first of only two proceedings in a coroner's court, which took place in the world; another trial will take place in Sydney in may 2016. Australian law requires the coroner to investigate the death of 28 Australian citizens or foreign citizens having permanent residence permits on Board flight MH17. The manipulation of evidence during the trial in Sydney read here

the front pages of Newspapers Murdoch left the London “sun” of July 18, 2014; to the right is the Melbourne “Herald sun” October 14, 2015

Headers from left to right: “Flight MH17 shot down in the sky. Putin's missile”; “Russian missile shot down MH17. Putin's rebels did it”

At the hearing in Melbourne I was in court and watched as a group of government agents, men and women, worked to protect victims ' families from requests and questions. At the rear of the courtroom in the same row sat the journalists; families sat in the main series in the procedural area. I sat directly behind one of the families. As soon as I started asking questions to one member of the family, woman at the age of 30-something years tried to stop me, saying that I speak too loudly; however the coroner was not present at the meeting and the hearing in that moment didn't happen. The agent then whispered something to the other members of the family and conversation with me stopped.

I reported at the time: “the court, in addition to the coroner's staff, was one of the government intelligence agent who concealed his official identification mark under his jacket and refused to say whether he was Australian or American citizen. The officer, who was thirty, was evident during a break in court proceedings at the courthouse. It was similar to American.”

Also: “the Court heard that surviving relatives of crash victims, officials of the Australian government regularly educated and counseled them. They are also instructed not to answer questions from the press, although one admitted that his family was allowed to meet with lawyers. These statements were made in evidence to an inquest investigation by the representatives of the victims. One, representing the members of the family van Den Hende - Salisu Duval, her husband Hans van Den Hende and their three children - 15-year-old Pier, a 12-year Marnika and 8-year-old daughter, Margo, said that reports in the press about the crash was questionable and unconvincing: “we don't know who or what to believe.”

This observation was never repeated. - zinc

PS. And on the topic of the operations of British intelligence. Hackers from “Anonymous” recently dumped the 4th package of documents on the operation AI posted documents to discredit Jeremy Corbyn, Russia Today, the case Skripal, operations in Nigeria, Hungary and Armenia. Case Skripal in operation AI was called “Operation iris”. Provides data on payment of the ordered articles in the case Skripal and the different activities carried out in this case to discredit Russia.