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Pacific. Degrees growing

Mazavr Blog 07.01.2019 at 13:19

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Putin in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of India invited him to take part in the Eastern economic forum, which will be held this year in Vladivostok. Given the specificity of regional relations, it can be assumed that the leader of China, XI Jinping will not take part in it, and the Chinese delegation will be presented more low.

On the Taiwanese President addressed a public appeal to the international community (read US and allies) to defend Taiwan's democracy from the aggressive plans of mainland China after Beijing called for reunification of the two Chinas.

Today, the Chinese protested against the presence of American ships in the area of the disputed Islands.

In the same piggy Bank can be attributed to the quickly impending surrender of the Kuril Islands, which seriously shake the entire regional environment.

it is Possible to say that Putin and his clique have made their choice in the growing confrontation between the US and China and take the side of the future (as they believe) the winner. The surrender of the Kuril Islands may have in these combinations, if not decisive, it is extremely significant role, it must start the crisis of redistribution of the disputed territories in the region and making claims.

the Americans in this whole process is yet another role - all these conflicts do not concern them, but they are the guarantors of security of important States in the region, and as such they become the arbitrators that they can do. All other countries - the figures on the Board, behind which sit the same in the USA. It is possible that the surrender of the Kuril Islands of Japan occurs at the expense of some future promises. Therefore, the Kremlin engaged in a game at the beginning, though, of course, sovereign countries prefer to pause and take a strictly neutral stance in any conflict, to join him on the stage when there is certainty. Simply put, join the winner. Quite a reasonable position for a country that is itself unable to conduct regional policy. However, the current Russia - a third-rate country, unable either for its own foreign policy, nor distancing from other people's conflicts. TV, of course, convinces us otherwise, but real life is infinitely distant from him.

what is happening today in the far East, is definitely: the United States intend to create a powerful counterweight to China in the face of Japan. Japan is directly interested in changing its status as a defeated country, especially since the economic crisis continues for the third decade, starting in the nineties, and it. In order to stop being a defeated country, Japan needs a victory in any war. The annexation of the Kuril Islands is certainly a victory, but the victory unconvincing, purely trading. Although it allows the Japanese leadership to dramatically raise the degree of revanchist sentiments in the country.

the Goal of Japan was always Korea, coast of China and expansion to the South. To the South Japan today the course is closed - safety of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, guaranteed USA. The only direction in which can be channeled Japanese aggression remain Korea and China.

the War like the Second world, of course, totally unrealistic: no country in the world purely economically pull protracted large - scale conflict- is too expensive modern weapons and stocks are finite. Therefore, any conflict will be local, but extremely violent. Japan and China have conflict zones - in particular, that the Senkaku Islands, however, and with a democratic Taiwan dispute is there, too. The purpose of the conflict is the recognition of unconditional rights of one of the parties to the conflict in these disputed territories. This will be the victory that will allow Japan to stop being a defeated country and display it in a number of countries, establishing regional rules.

To the conflict of Japan and China requires certain conditions. First, the willingness of Japan to the war. The capture of the Kuril Islands it provides a sharp rise of aggression in Japanese society and increases his willingness to revenge. The presence of disputed territories allows to substantiate the claims of Japan to China. Is an occasion that can give the same Taiwan with his calls for protection.

19 year, apparently a year of preparation short of a regional war. On what scenario it will be - to say it is impossible, moreover, that there are options involving Korea - both North and both. However, current events in the region, clearly linked.

the Purely selfish interests of the Russian criminals from the politicians who sell the Russian territory, of course, present. For the surrender of the territory to the Kremlin's tale is something of a bummer, but it in this case - just improvised from more serious people who are preparing for the regional, and through him, to the global review of the outcome of the Second world war. That will allow you to restart the stalled world politics, allowing, finally, the contradiction between the two global scenarios out of this Topica.