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Boxing champion arrested for beating policemen on the stock "yellow vests"

Mazavr Blog 07.01.2019 at 20:21

Patriotic news resource

In France arrested two-time national champion in Boxing in the first heavy weight Christophe Delange. He was placed into custody January 7 on charges in the beating of policemen during the protests of "yellow jackets" in Paris. It is reported by RFI.

Two days ago, the video came a time when 37-year-old Defense beating of the militiaman during the stock "yellow jackets" on the bridge near the building Natssobraniya. Sources "France 2" in the police claim that his gloves were lead.

the network got another video in which a man resembling Christophe Delange, feet beating a policeman lying on the ground. The latter was given sick leave for two weeks.

Christoph Defense in 2007 and 2008 became the French champion in Boxing in weight category to 91 kg. According to sports newspaper L'equipe, the athlete had retired in 2013.

After the incident at the stock "yellow jackets" boxer recorded a video where he said that he participated in all eight shares of the "yellow jackets" and suffered of tear gas. "Yes, I had a bad reaction, but I was protecting myself," he said.

He also said that protesting for the sake of "the future of their children", is neither an extreme right-wing supporter, nor a supporter of the extreme left. On Monday, the police began to question him. He was declared wanted and went to the police himself.

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