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Mazavr Blog 09.01.2019 at 12:05

Patriotic news resource

Putin Yesterday opened a floating regasification terminal in Kaliningrad. Simultaneously, it was announced about the termination of gas transit to Kaliningrad region via Lithuanian territory.

the Fact that the President of Russia's oil and gas production, has become the norm - energy superpower in the stands and that the rest of the industry for her excess. Another question is that the decision about Autonomous logistics Kliningrad by sea is strictly political. In reality, the volume consumed by the region of gas does not rise and not fall, changing only the type of transport, and the question in cost of such transportation, as for short distances the gas is still much cheaper to put on the tube. To compensate for the difference will, most likely, the sale of excess gas in the same Lithuania and Poland at the local gas network.

the Formal reason stops transit - strictly political: we do not want to depend on the political risk in transit through enemy territory. Which makes sense - under Putin gradually all the neighbours of Russia became enemies, so you need to react. There are certainly commercial background: Poland and Lithuania are going to switch to American liquefied natural gas, therefore, the creation of excess gas in the Kaliningrad region creates the possibility of local gas sales in the same Poland and Lithuania. It's such an indirect attempt to keep at least part of the market. Oh, and one more detail - underground gas storage in the Kaliningrad region, which will be tied to the supply of LNG. War with Ukraine dramatically reduced the stability of the whole gas transportation system of export of Russia in Ukraine, underground gas storage, smoothing, peak gas consumption in Europe. The objective of the refusal of the Ukrainian transit is impossible without the renunciation of this element, but the problem is that without the risks of UGS gas exports rise to important, so you need to create some substitute. Kaliningrad UGS should become part of a stable gas deliveries over Ukraine.

Here arises a curious question: exactly the same solution the Europeans, who carry out similar tasks to disconnect from the pipe and move to the supply of liquefied gas, and the Kremlin and Gazprom, and after them our propaganda is called stupidity and lack of foresight: what is the Russian gas, why would you want to buy American? The answer is trivial and obvious these decisions are political because under Putin Russia has become the enemy of all Russian neighbors, they are forced to consider the emerging political risks. And two cold gas war with Ukraine plus one hot with her, is forced to treat the risk of military aggression by the criminal Russian regime seriously.

Here, all clinging to one another - if you want to trade with neighbors, to begin with don't need to fight them. If you do not hide that they will use the supply of basic goods as a political instrument of blackmail and pressure (namely so in the end was perceived Putin's speech in Munich in 2007 - well, not the state Department he wrote it, in the end, because he voiced) - be prepared to ensure that the neighbors will make every effort to get rid of your Intrusive services. That, in fact, happening. In Western Russia there was only Belarus, which has forced cooperates with Putin, but judging by the Christmas event, before Lukashenko got the same problem - to put it mildly, but to jump out of the brotherly embrace.

the Conclusion is very simple - first and foremost, extremely aggressive and unwise policy of the Russian leadership leads to the fact that billions of dollars should be spent on various “alternative routes” instead of use existing. And these billions are withdrawn from the Russian economy. Withdrawn to nowhere, as they by and large do not create anything - they just redistribute existing ones. Instead of investing these huge sums in the development of the industry, they are buried in mega-projects, without which could well do, lead the Russian leadership is prudent and balanced policy towards the neighbors. In fact, we all pay for the idiocy and complexes of the present management, and his failures are awarded for achievements: the collapse of Ukrainian politics has led to the fact that Ukraine is a war, they spend monstrous money on circuitous routes. In addition to the war, of course, and the content is actually annexed territory. To the same cashier and the Syrian war - excitedly discuss the victory over by some unknown terrorists, but this war - all the same political failures that compelled to get involved in this hopeless in its essence the event. And the fight against terrorism is also has a very distant relationship - judging by the Magnitogorsk, the current government, all terrorists can even give a head start, as the grandmaster in the simul shkolnicami.