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Chinese lunar Rover proved that Americans were not on the moon

Mazavr Blog 11.01.2019 at 12:53

Patriotic news resource

Due To the long Christmas holidays almost unnoticed was the news that the Chinese lunar flying vehicle “Chang'e-4” landed on the lunar surface at the site of the alleged landing of “Apollo-11” in the southwest area of the sea of Tranquility and found no traces of the Americans: no American flag, no traces of the landing of the American module with Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin.

Because the moon has no atmosphere, and no winds all traces of the landing missions “Apollo” have to stay on its surface. The American flag should definitely stay, if not the canvas, but at least the flagpole.

none of this “Chang'e-4” is not found in the Sea of Tranquility. As if the Americans were not there.

Now Chinese scientists suspect that the mission “Apollo” is one big fake. Moreover, after the mission “Apollo” nobody for many years never landed on the moon.

it is Also suspicious is the fact that almost all the people who walked on the moon, had died. Survived only four of the astronauts supposedly all six missions ”Apollo”.