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Sviaz-Bank has improved conditions for deposits and launched a range of VIP asset press releases 14.01.2019 at 10:37

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With the new year, Svyaz-Bank (VEB group) has improved conditions on the current line of deposits for individuals and began accepting deposits for wealthy clients.

Link-Bank increased rates on deposits with and withdrawal of funds.

Now, the maximum effective rate on the Deposit "growing income" reaches of 7.03% per annum in rubles, of 2.56% per annum in US dollars 0.5% per annum in euros. Deposit "Managed income" with the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal of funds — 6.58% per annum in rubles, which is 2.30% per annum in US dollars and 0.35% in euros, respectively.

Also changes to the range of amounts in a standard line of deposits. For all kinds of savings minimum amount is 30 000 rubles, 500 USD or Euro.

Wealthy clients the Bank offers deposits with higher interest rates, "a Collection of "classic", "Collection "Elite" and "Collection "Suite" of 3 million roubles, 50 thousand US dollars or euros.