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"Grip stinks, you need to take with DSG": "Skotovod" said how to buy a Skoda Kodiaq

MComp 16.01.2019 at 00:20

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Recently appeared in Russia, "Czech bear", consumer interests, but he should learn about the "pitfalls" of the model.

One of the thematic groups in social networks has proven very useful for a user who asked about the advisability of purchasing crossover Skoda Kodiaq with a manual transmission and the 1.4 engine thrust of 150 HP, the Owner of such a machine answered asking that the SUV with manual transmission "clutch stink", and therefore "Kodiak" we need to take with the DSG transmission. This automated transmission has six gears and double clutch, not having problems, like "mechanics".

Specify that repeatedly "skotovod" complained about the "stinking" Skoda Kodiaq the clutch with a manual transmission. The problem occurs when the drivetrain is given a big load. Therefore, many argue that the "right" to buy the "Kodiak" is possible, but spending more money for a version of the machine with RCPP.

Another user reported that he, too, Kodiaq Skoda with 150 HP motor in conjunction with a manual transmission. According to the motorist, the car is quite comfortable for a small town, but for the metropolis with traffic jams crossover with the "mechanics" will not work, and for a large city it is better to buy SUV with RCPP.

it is Also an opinion about Skoda Kodiaq shared the motorist, driving on the "Kodiak" with the motor 1.4 at 125 HP, This "shadowed" completely satisfied with the purchase, and noted that the use of crossover as an everyday family city car.

By the way, the crossover Skoda Kodiaq produced in Russia. Due to this significantly reduced the price tag on the model in Russia. So, "Kodiak" foreign Assembly is in the country of 2 million rubles. And assembled in Russia, the cross I beg t 1 413 000.

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