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The labour MP acknowledged that the vote of no confidence Jeremy Corbin fail

MComp 16.01.2019 at 06:49

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Member of Parliament, acknowledged that his party has no numbers to win its motion of no confidence today.

Despite the loss of Jeremy Corbyn, the labour MP Barry Gardiner has admitted that the vote of no confidence Jeremy Corbin is likely to fail. Last night BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis clicked on a member of Parliament and he admitted: "We hope that we can win, but it's a historic defeat, no government was defeated with a difference for 100 years."

the Defeat of Mrs may is the biggest loss in the parliamentary history. 118 members of her own party voted against her plan. In the result, Mr. Corbin attempted to hold a General election that, if successful, will make it the first sentence of no confidence in the government for 40 years. Corbin added that the defeat is a "completely decisive" verdict in the case of Mrs. may. Unfortunately for the labour leader, 100 deputies from his party will vote, and vote for the second referendum, which, apparently, stands Corbin. Gardiner insisted that the party remains United and will follow the Protocol established at its party conference, and added: "If you want public voting, the fastest way to get a public vote is to call General elections".

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