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New! Module StarLine M36 to manage the pre-engine heaters Webasto and Eberspächer!

Alarm Obninsk 13.01.2019 at 09:09

Meet the available module StarLine M36 to manage the pre-engine heaters Webasto and Eberspächer! The smart device will warm your car's engine using glow plug heaters, and you will provide the savings and comfort.

With the comfort of control from your smartphone countdown engine heaters Webasto and Eberspächer. Include the option to launch pre-heater from home in StarLine application and save your time for other things. Calmly get ready for work, drink your morning coffee or let yourself sleep another 15 minutes.

StarLine M36 provides:

Management of mobile devices engine preheating Webasto and Eberspächer.

Receive data from GPS and GLONASS satellites about the location and movements of the car.

Online vehicle diagnostics.

for Free follow the location and travel history of your car via the app StarLine or starline A unique GPS-GLONASS smart antenna module provides hypersensitivity and an almost instant identification of the exact coordinates of your car even in the most difficult conditions.

the Integrated CAN-interface StarLine M36 provides for quick, easy and safe installation in any modern vehicle equipped with a digital bus CAN.

Universal module is suitable for cars (12V) and for trucks (24V+) transport.

the control Module preheater StarLine M36 Universal module control preheater Webasto and Eberspächer for the automobile (+12V) and trucks (+24V) 8 650 R Buy