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The US stock market does not show uniform dynamics, focusing on the oil and stock exchanges of Asia and Europe

Forex Club 16.01.2019 at 12:13

U.S. stock market on Wednesday, is likely to show mixed dynamics at the opening of trading on the background of the corresponding dynamics on the world oil market, European and Asian exchanges.

the Major stock indexes of USA the day before has grown 1.7% in expectation of new measures from the Chinese authorities to support the economy of the countries affected by the trade conflict with the United States. They have said a number of Chinese officials. Futures on American indexes are growing up 0.2%.

the Asian stock exchanges on Wednesday showed a rise of 0.3-0.6% on the background of positive dynamics of the American market. The only exception was the Japanese market which has been pulling back after rising almost 1% the day before.

the Major European stock indices do not show a single dynamics on the background of the refusal of the British Parliament to support a draft agreement with the EU on Brexit.

World oil prices on Wednesday also move in different directions in anticipation of the release of official statistics from the US Department of energy on oil reserves in the country for a week. On the market expect the index fell by 0.3%, or 1.3 million barrels. Oil quotes are also limited to a certain level, which they reached after a sharp rise of nearly 3% overnight.

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