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US stocks falling on the background of the accusations against Huawei of China

Forex Club 17.01.2019 at 11:53

The U.S. stock market Thursday will likely start a trading session moderately lower against fears of investors on the background of the criminal case against China's Huawei.

the Main US stock indices closed the trading environment the growth in the range of 0.6% amid strong statements of the largest banks in the country. On Thursday futures for the American indexes decrease by 0.3-0.4%.

Asian markets showed a drop of 0.4% to 0.9% amid a criminal investigation of the theft by the Chinese company Huawei us commercial secrets. This causes investors to doubt the prospects for early resolution of trade conflict between the US and China.

In Europe, stock indices are down 0.3-0.5% because of the uncertainty concerning the Brexit. Earlier, the Parliament rejected the draft proposed by the British Prime Minister Theresa may. Now the EU wants to send to the UK experts who will tell the authorities about the option of "hard" Brexit.

World oil prices on Thursday, losing nearly 1% after the data release the Ministry of energy of the USA about growth of stocks of gasoline in the country for a week longer than expected. Gasoline stocks rose by 7.5 million barrels, while the market was waiting for a increase of only 2.8 million barrels. Now market participants are afraid of weak demand for petroleum products from the United States.

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