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News. Alexander Revva has won a court case against the singer, accusing him of plagiarism

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 18.01.2019 at 14:42

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Famous singer and showman Alexander Revva, often acting under the pseudonym Arthur Pies, recently won a very important for your career court. More specifically, he defended the rights for the song "Chica" after Sochi by Ruslan Kagarmanov accused him of plagiarism. Epic plagiarism lasted for almost six months. And began her singer from the city of Sochi Ruslan Kagarmanov, when publicly accused Revva that he actually stole his song, only slightly modifying the music and lyrics. But before you apply for Alexander court, Ruslan conducted an independent examination, which proved the similarity of the two compositions. That is why the Sochi musician was absolutely sure that the court will take his side in this dispute. However, in the beginning of the year the final decision was made in favor Revva. Naturally, this solution did not satisfy Kagarmanova and he said that it would appeal to other courts to try to prove his innocence. Himself Aleksandr Revva all this time tried to stay away from conflict. On this occasion he spoke only once, saying that all accusations of plagiarism - it's not true. And the singer from Sochi just wants to PR on behalf of another, more famous person. In response, Kagarmanov continues to insist that the song "Chica" was brazenly stolen, and the court inexplicably did not understand half of the provided arguments, which proved the plagiarism. According to Ruslan, he has long advocated in public areas and has its audience. Therefore, additional PR it is absolutely not necessary, but the compensation for moral damage from Revva he would not be refused. Also Sochi the musician wants to give the situation more publicity to more famous performers stopped stealing other people's ideas, passing them off as your own. Users who listened to both tracks, and do believe that they are completely different and no similarity, except in name, between them.

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