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Named the most inexplicable things, which makes our body

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 20.01.2019 at 19:19

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Weird defense mechanisms.

And a set of protective mechanisms is one of them. Our body protects us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from all that can harm us.

Here are the 9 coolest things that makes our body and we don't even know why.


When we eat too fast, swallowing huge chunks of food, or simply overeat, it can lead to irritation of the vagus nerve, which passes through the stomach and the diaphragm. The result is a case of the hiccups.


we Yawn in order to cool the brain when it is overloaded.


we Usually sneeze when in the nasal channels too many allergens, germs, dust, and other irritants. It is a way of our body to get rid of "garbage".


Unconsciously we stretch to prepare your body for the upcoming physical activities that await him during the day. Stretching warms up the muscles, restores blood circulation and improves our mood in the morning.

the Sharp spasms when falling asleep

We mean a strange feeling when you just start to fall asleep, as the feeling of a sharp fall, we flinch and Wake up. At this point, all the muscles clenching in spasm so hard that you can fall out of bed.

This phenomenon is a result of the fact that, when we begin to fall asleep, the frequency of our breathing falls sharply, the pulse decreases very slowly and the muscles are relaxed. Our brain perceives these actions as the approach of death and is trying to save us, giving a spasm.

Puckering skin

the Fact that the skin on the fingertips begins to wrinkle, it is actually very important. The body is faced with high humidity levels and understands that, most likely, the environment is slippery. So the skin on the fingers begins to take a look, to make it easier to contact with a slippery surface.

memory loss

Usually happens after the most unpleasant and traumatic episodes of our lives. Our brain is literally trying to erase the memory of the terrible things that happened to us.


the Main function of the emerging needles – to reduce the amount of heat that our body loses through the pores of the skin. That is, the body does everything that we could warm up faster.


Apart from the fact that tears provide protection for the mucous membranes of the eyes, when there are foreign objects, they are also a tool of emotional security.

Scientists believe that in stressful situations our body creates a powerful new source of irritation to distract the person from the pain he currently experiences.

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