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Doctors have listed products that can cause dependency

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A meal cannot be satisfied.

Scientists confirm that some of the products hard enough, humans can build up a tolerance. They called products, which are particularly easily addictive, and explained why this is happening.

According to experts, the most powerful addictive products, which are particularly actively stimulate the brain to synthesize dopamine.

Dopamine – the pleasure hormone. More intensive development promote foods high in sugar, salt, fat, or all of these components together. They, respectively, cause the most powerful addictive.

Chocolate. The more you eat, the more you want. This is about chocolate. This product, in addition to dopamine prompts the brain to a more active development of oxytocin, which improves health, and each new piece enhances the effect. The dependence of chocolate is one of the strongest among food.

Cheese. According to scientists, the cheese contains a substance called casomorphin, which affects the production of pleasure hormones. Plus it has a lot of salt and fat.

According to a study by the University of Michigan, a dish such as pizza causes the highest dependency compared to other dishes – it is a combination of a number of components that trigger the addictive, salty cheese, low carbohydrate dough and sugar in tomato sauce.

Snacks. These include chips, crackers, bread sticks, crackers and other products typically associated with watching a movie.

All these products are rich sources of simple carbohydrates, leading to a rapid release of glucose. She quickly consumed, and as a result the demand for products that re-create it arises as quickly.

Carbonated beverages. In them there is a threat in terms of the possible combination of addictive substances – sugar and caffeine. They stimulate the synthesis of dopamine and tone. Realizing how easy it is to obtain such a doping, the body quickly will get used and start asking soda.

the French fries. Its use causes a wave of pleasant sensations – the brain receptors respond to substances in the fries, which they are very sensitive. In particular, fat, salt and carbohydrates.

Ice cream. The combination of sugar, cream and milk in this product has a creamy texture that acts on the brain as the strongest substance that causes addiction behavior.

being Accustomed to high doses of sugar, the body will make people feel uncomfortable when trying to eat less sweet and looking for a new dose.

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