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Hi-Tech / Internet

A new profession in 2019


you can pay in installments for the program profession "Frontend developer", which will be held from January 21 to August 5, 2019.

the Program consists of three professional courses, each lasting nine weeks:

"HTML and CSS level 1" "of HTML and CSS, level 2" "JavaScript level 1"

You are waiting for live lectures, useful materials and work on a personal project. The training program will be held under the guidance of a personal coach throughout the entire time. Up in the portfolio you will have three to six projects.

for those who don't want to waste a single minute, and plans in a short time to learn a profession and get to work.

After successful completion of the course you will undertake a paid internship in the "League.".

"Three in a row Intensiv is a very interesting and intense journey. Looking back, you realize that deep plunge into the layout and to think about anything else, can not in this period.

This is a very cool and interesting skills after studying at a good level, comfortable working. Internship in "the League." good as typeset very, very much, and many things come to automatism. True styleid, technical specifications and layouts, as it turned out, not always in real work, so have much to discuss with the team the customer to decide.

All this is definitely worth it, but to dwell on this, it is necessary to develop further!"

— Tom, a graduate of the program.