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"Germans – good, Russians – bad" At the Russian TV can show German TV series about the war

MComp 23.01.2019 at 04:20

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Good Wehrmacht soldiers can appear on our television screens already this year. In the network appeared rumors about the acquisition of one of Russian TV channels rights to essential show on the German TV series "Our mothers, our fathers", which tells about the fate of five friends during the Second World war. Three of them, the plot, turns on the Eastern front, where, in the composition of the Wehrmacht, taking part in the confrontation with the red army.

a Feature of the series is presentation of the main characters as brave and desperate men are not inclined however to fanaticism and, to some extent, have become hostages of his era. The picture vividly tells the story of how the war changed their minds and perception of the world, so that, in the end of the story, the characters, or rather those of them who survived until the end, turn out to be completely different people. At the same time, the film is positioned as a historical, its content caused a wide negative reaction in various countries.

the Poles, for example, accustomed to consider themselves the unfortunate victims of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was outraged by the idea of Poland as vividly anti-Semitic state, and the Polish partisans – as murderous thugs. Ukraine uproar caused the episodes with the atrocities of the Ukrainian nationalists, who in their cruelty was not inferior to the SS.

At the same time if the view film of poles and Ukrainians are based on real, albeit interpreted historical facts, the Soviet soldiers in the series turned into a set of classic Western cliches. Thus, in particular, the picture contains a scene of attempted rape by the Soviet soldier of German girls, which is even suppressed by the command, but is presented as something universal and self-evident.

This and other episodes led to public criticism in Russia and Belarus, however, if Minsk took a decision to ban public demonstration of the film, limited only to official condemnation, not becoming at the legislative level to prevent its showing.

it Should be noted that some criticism the series received in Germany, especially by historians who pointed out the fundamentally wrong idea in the film of ordinary Germans who appear before the audience as mere victims and not as ideology-driven and politizirovannost generation who wanted to defeat Nazism and domination of the Third Reich.

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