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Fell to 48 000 km mileage: engine failures LADA Vesta told blogger

MComp 23.01.2019 at 06:19

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The Motorist didn't expect that the engine will "honk" so early.

the Blogger YouTube channel "Garage TV", with the Russian sedan LADA Vesta, spoke about damage to the machine when mileage 48 000 km. it is Noted that the first mistake in the car highlighted the failure of the camshaft sensor. Because at the moment of failure the car was in another city, it was decided not to contact the service centre promptly, and to return home.

Despite the fact that "the West" behaved quite normally, just 15 miles to the house she stopped working two cylinder. The onboard computer showed that in the second and third cylinders is detected, the misfire, so the system turned off there fuel supply.

the owner of the LADA Vesta found themselves with a spare spark plug, which he quickly changed. However, it didn't help that prompted a blogger on the idea of the ignition coils. He swapped two coils to test their performance, and found that the misfire moved to the first and fourth cylinders so it's still in them.

somehow upon reaching home, the owner of "Vesta" thinking about how to get to the dealer, because the nearest service center is at a distance of 50 km, it Was decided to purchase a new ignition coil, drive her to the dealer and then leave it in reserve. In the end, guarantee the motorist changed one coil and camshaft sensor. As it turned out, the "brain", seeing that one cylinder are misfiring, blocked the fuel flow parallel to the cylinder and turned off the ignition coil. And the program showed the gaps under the two cylinders.

"Marriage is, do not argue. The electrician said that some 200 000 km of travel, and who like me. There is a suggestion that this happened because of the short detention center at the iridium candles," – said in comments blogger.

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