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Airbag did not work: LADA Granta FL failed the crash test in frontal accidents

MComp 23.01.2019 at 10:20

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Tree thoroughly tweaked "X-face" new "Grant".

Blogger Arthur Iskhakov in a fresh video on their YouTube channel talked about how in his LADA Granta FL in a frontal collision no air bag deployed. It is noted that he was traveling at a speed of about 50 kilometers per hour and crashed into a tree. Interestingly, the motorist involved in an accident on the first day after buying the car.

the Blow landed directly in the center front of the car, with the result that he suffered serious damage. "Grant" badly bent the hood and bumper, which was difficult to remove then also left the spar.

fortunately, the passengers of LADA Granta FL was not injured, but the blogger was surprised that the airbag in the car did not deploy. Moreover, the electronic response system "ERA-GLONASS" also did not work.

Thus, LADA Granta FL failed the crash test. At the time of video recording mileage LADA Granta FL was only 88 miles. The blogger expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of security of the machine and advised those wishing to buy it a good think.

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