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Yellow jackets in Russian: the Abolition of privileges on the appliance will lead to mass protests

MComp 23.01.2019 at 12:09

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

The Country is on the verge of mass riots in the context of the economic crisis.

And again "anti-people" laws shocked the citizens of Russia. On the eve of the Ministry of economic development proposed to cancel privileges on the appliance for the population and are required to pay at the normal rate. Politicians believe that this is supposed to "equalize position" of owners of country palaces and pensioners, as the owners of large villas have benefits, consume three times more, but pay less.

the Leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky considers that such behavior of the government and of the Cabinet of Ministers will inevitably lead to mass protests in the cities and regions of Russia. The government can get a "yellow Russian", but it will be even stronger and worse than France now. The raising taxes, cancellation of privileges, violation of the rights, censorship in the media and prosecution for "likes" — all this increases the rebellion and anti-government sentiment among the population.

the politician does not believe the promises of the government, as promised earlier laws and laws aimed at improving the Economics and social standard of living in the country — has not been achieved. And again come the promise of improved living standards until 2024. Zhirinovsky himself is an advocate of the abolition of fees for electricity and water. However, now the country is below the poverty line is 22 million citizens. Politicians ' promises not kept, the standard of living rises. If passed the law on the abolition of privileges on the appliance, the current him others will follow the abolition of privileges and subsidies, and this will inevitably begin protests. all this is heated and tragic cases of explosions of household gas, the reason is negligence and irresponsibility not only Supervisory authorities, but officials.

Thus, there is a dangerous situation with the abolition of benefits for users of electric stoves, when the country's economic and social situation in a deplorable condition, and policy, this situation only fuels that can lead to mass protests and riots, which can be observed in France. Definitely won't stay on the sidelines and those who would rip the country apart, and she will not lose such an opportunity.

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