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Hatch Hyundai Ioniq Electric was held hostage by the platform

DRIVE.RU 22.01.2019 at 10:49

Showing the updated Ioniq hybrids, Hyundai has delayed the restyling of the pure electric version of Ioniq Electric, however, the specifications of a reformed electric cars became famous due to leakage. It turned out that the battery door hatchback will hit the market in September. Motor (120 HP, 295 N•m) will remain unchanged, but the battery capacity will increase from 28 to 38.3 kWh For obsolete and stretches the truth to the NEDC cycle, this means the growth of the range from 280 to 378 km away. More hard and true rules EPA provided for an increase from 200 to 270 km will be small even in comparison with related Conoy EV and Kia Niro, not to mention such competitors as the Nissan Leaf, the e+ and the Tesla Model 3.