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From a gaming market model to probabilistic.

MQL5: Blogs Traders 25.01.2019 at 09:01

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Will Continue the argument begun in the previous entry. Give an example of a simple game model and the transition from it to the probabilistic model. The necessity of this transition is that any game model gives us no reason to build a trading strategy and probability could provide them.

will Begin with a game of heads and tails. Rewrite it in our terms, but the essence will remain the same. There are two players, denoted by T − trader and D − DC. Each of them has two strategies: up and dn, denoting price movement up or down by some fixed value. This method of sampling rates is similar to that used in constructing the Renko charts or TIC-TAC-toe. Broker and trader, simultaneously and independently from each other, choose the direction and if their choices match, then the trader wins and the broker loses and Vice versa − in case of a mismatch of their choice. Winning and losing believe equal to one. Matrix representation of the game: