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Movie review "the Green book" Reviews 23.01.2019 at 08:54

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White driver and a black passenger traveling in the American South of the sixties; an unexpectedly decent movie, Peter Farrelly.

In 1962, the year a black man, Dr. Donald Shirley, "the great American artist, a real artist" (and not a doctor at all, and pianist), Tony hires gangstertown "chatterbox" as not just a driver, but the man who will always be there. They have a two-month tour of the American South – the places where Negroes are known traditionally, are not.

Deprived of (unexpected) support his younger brother, Peter Farrelly, to the surprise of many took a hit, quite unlike his previous works, and deservedly so, applying now for the award "Oscar" (that laugh, if he really will get). After many of his colleagues in the Comedy genre (think at least Adam McKay, "Anchorman" that moved to the "Authority"), known for its mostly vulgar works Director in his old age he suddenly decided to show the world that not graceful manners and a certain cinematic generosity and presented a picture in which funny is organically combined with the dramatic: the perfect mix in order to be loved by not only the audience, but also professionals.

the more perfect the plot: the story of an emerging friendship of a black musician-snob with simple Italian bouncer-shoferyuga, who disdainfully threw the glasses from which you just drank the blacks. For America with its naitively guilt is simply a win-win – which is already a lot of filmmakers embossed enviable series of strikes.

Yes, it seems that recently, the US has oppressed people with a different skin color, and in the title of the Green book is a directory of places to stay-those whom today we call politically correct African Americans (although, they say, and on this account already there are new rules). And in Hollywood, this dark pages of their history, not ashamed, but rather strongly nurtured, making the material of one film or the other: look, they say, we all recognize, deny nothing – but we want to become better and will become!.. To imagine in modern Russia a similar attitude to Soviet history is almost impossible – because even the smallest bit of criticism of the former system can cause deputatkhmara the most deplorable level.

so fun to see this as a strictly American film "Russian trace": in the process, it turns out that the main character studied at the Leningrad Conservatory (once there the first Negro), and now tours as a trio, where the cello and bass talking to him in Russian. Maybe that's stay in the Soviet Union set up the don Shirley (this is a real character, as was his driver) to travel to places where he is not all happy. Where are the blacks still work in the plantations, where even the wealthy black man in the store are not allowed to try on a suit, where such as he, it is impossible to be outside after sunset. Where even the most welcoming hosts, just aplodiruesh your virtuoso performance, politely but uncompromisingly ask you to go to the bathroom not in the house and in the yard – because it has always been accepted.

"we Need the courage to change the people" - explain in the final point of this film is not just anybody, but the sad Russian, why the more a shame that our filmmakers, mostly, all the courage long lost.

the "Green book", of course, deeply Patriotic movie, two and two are proving that even the illiterate (confusing Orpheus with the fairies and is called the Chopin Joe pen) two minutes to the bandit, on a dare eat for hours twenty-six hot dogs, can feel deeply and tenderly sigh: "I did not know that we have such a beautiful country," summing up his prolonged trip. And the first time the recalcitrant passenger was forced to lift it thrown into the car window glass of coke, Tony, of course, frowned, but then similar error probably never did, for I understood: in your own abilities or the litter to their homeland or to transform for the better.

And as a PostScript (which I want to insert just because "P. S. - as the bell in the Seventh Symphony of Shostakovich"): of course, the main winner of the "Oscar" of the Green book would look a little weird – it's cute, but still not the most outstanding film ever made (though if you oppose him "Black Panther" - it is an undeniable masterpiece). But something to take a picture is quite capable (and already took the prize of Guild of producers): it may not be a milestone in the history of cinema, but the movie is really cute and deserving as our smiles, and academic promotion.

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