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Review of the film "Grandma of easy virtue 2. Elderly the Avengers" Reviews 23.01.2019 at 10:45

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Continued Russian Comedy, which managed to collect a lot of cash in the summer of 2017. Conman Sasha Rubenstein will again change into extravagant Alexander p. Fishman, that would return the money and trust of his beloved Luba. The plot is interesting, the jokes are the same.

In case anyone forgot, "Grandma easy virtue" was called pozaproshlogodnie domestic Comedy authored by Marius Weisberg, exploit travesty of the classic story with disguises. Wigs and women's dresses, try on comedian Alexander Revva, embodied on the screen all their famous images of the "KVN" and "Comedy Club". The film then surprisingly has gathered an impressive box office, becoming the most successful Russian Comedy of 2017. The predictable sequel was not long in coming. The sequel to the tape, dubbed "old Avengers" begins with the fact that the child sweetheart of the main character was diagnosed with a serious heart condition requiring expensive surgery. To solve a difficult financial question is will using alter ego Rubinstein, relaxed Madame Fishman, which will not only use his cunning, but also to garner support for his elderly team of adventurers. To win saving for a child will be difficult. The money burned in the cell of the failed Bank whose owner is a callous businessman, a lover of history, who imagines himself a great strategist of our time (Nagiyev in a familiar way teacher, this time afraid of a rich and well-read). Shot from a film "Grandma of easy virtue 2. Elderly the Avengers" In the first half hour of the film-makers managed to cram the maximum number of discussed topics on the Internet over the past year. The authors walked through the brushwood, in the situation of "Telegram" touched on the emerging movement of "MeToo", made a joke about Harvey Weinstein and laughed at the lovers use quotes celebrities as statuses in social networks. Despite the fact that the sequel came out larger (with a spectacular Bank robbery, shooting from a catapult, and even installing land of Russia on the estate of a very wealthy and influential businessman), humor, unfortunately, remained at the same level of naphthalene TV show "full House". Sometimes he is on the verge of a foul, as in the scene when the fate of a sick child, and his treatment is compared to a car repair with used parts in the garage. Comes to mind not so much a classic Hollywood "Tootsie" and "Mrs. Gauthier" as scabrous "big Mama's House" with Martin Lawrence in the role of lush Granny. Admittedly, however, even far from the Russian realities of African American Comedy had characters, the fate of which you were not fazed. The characters in the movie Weisberg went equally unpleasant. In the course of the viewer empathize with them no more than some "new Russian grandmother" of the team of Regina Dubovitskaya. In the rare moments you're not laughing with them, and above them, which, of course, for any Comedy – sentence.

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