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Yandexmoney like to work for them?

Serega's blog Goncharova 26.01.2019 at 13:21

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


In this article I want to tell you about the service Yandexmoney.

This is one of my favorite services. It's a lot, and it's pretty comfortable.

the First and the last thing you need to do to work on it is to register on Andexpected. Automatically when you check mail in Yandex you get the purse. And then you either download the passport system, or tie the card to the purse, and through the Bank you identificeret.

Further to all the chaos just. You can replenish the balance, withdraw, to shop. By the way, in Transfer you can pay for almost everything, even utilities.

Also, it is possible to order the card from Yandex bound to the account and get cashback of 5% on purchases.

Yandexmoney very convenient for owners of Internet shops. There is such a service as a "Form button" which is installed on the website to make purchases

There is a ready reference for translations. She can also share in social networks.

the money Request. If you do business on the Internet, at your request, Yandex generates an email with a link to a payment form.

Page for "I Collect" — share idea, and will help you with money for its implementation.

there is Also investment Yammi is an investment portfolio with an intelligent assistant.

Well, then everything is standard.

And now by: How to earn?

This may be a bit upset, but no Transfer of the program. But it doesn't matter because there is something else.

so, make money on the service in 3 ways.

the Cashback to 5% — when ordering the card and pay for her purchases. Cashback is credited every 5 purchases and the purchase of certain categories of goods and services (beauty salon, products, etc.), every month the category change. Still no cashback awarded for purchasing goods on the websites of the partners. They are listed in the section "Discounts and bonuses". Raising money for "I collect" — I have an idea, but no money. Describe in the questionnaire what you need the money. And will help you. This is not a loan. The money comes from people who looked at your profile and I decided to help you. Investment Yammi — as has been described above, it is a smart helper who invests the money for you. There are 3 kinds of portfolios. For more details, see wallet "investments Yammi"

that's it.

good Luck in earnings.

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