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In some cases, the PI may not conduct a SOUTH

Question - answer - Legal advice 21.01.2019 at 14:47

Question - answer - Legal advice


prepared explanations concerning the implementation of SOUT

the organizations of micro and small businesses, and entrepreneurs. So, last

may be performed if:

they are adopted under the labor contract workers;

attract professionals (accountants, lawyers) outsourced,

working at home or remotely, if they had no regular


in addition, the Ministry of labor of Russia has reminded that

the employer shall submit a Declaration to the regional round, if its working

places the results of SOUT revealed no harmful or dangerous

production factors. Clarifies that it is possible to direct

remotely via the website of the Fes. And for the newly formed

last year jobs time special assessment conditions

labor is 12 months (explanation of Ministry of labor of Russia dated January 16, 2019).

the Ministry

notes that in conjunction with rostrum this year will be implemented

the mechanism of prevention of violations of mandatory requirements of the rules of SOUT

by submitting to the employer appropriate warnings. [Newline] only if the employer does not fulfill the requirements of caution,

will be subject to administrative sanctions in accordance with the provisions of article 5.27.1 of the administrative code.