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Why the price of gasoline is rising again

Question - answer - Legal advice 24.01.2019 at 07:16

Question - answer - Legal advice

The end of January at gas stations in several regions recorded a sharp increase in prices

gasoline. In Ulyanovsk, for example, for one night only fuel

went up by 60-70 cents that bothered the head of the region. Serious

price hikes recorded in Chelyabinsk, Chita, Kostroma. Situation

interested in Federal Antimonopoly service. Why is gasoline again

is expensive, and what the price of fuel wait this winter?

week the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov has charged tariff

the Committee to deal with the price of gasoline. According to his observations, almost

all gas stations in the region and fuel prices literally overnight, grew

60-70 cents. At the same time in UFAS on the Chelyabinsk region noted

price hikes. On some refuellings of AI-95 fell by 50 cents, and on the other

in the same period rose by 70. In turn, the Kamchatka oil

asked the FAS to check the number of gas stations in the region. According to them, there prices

by more than 4% higher than retail prices at gas stations

vertically integrated companies. This is contrary to the terms of

the agreement between the government and the oil companies. Similar

the situation permanently fixed and in other regions.

rising prices

caused by an increase in demand for fuel in connection with the strengthening of frosts, —

the Deputy Director of the information analytical center

"Alpari" Anna Kokoreva. Is a seasonal factor. Usually in the coldest

season fuel prices are always rising. It is unlikely this is due to the

any other factors. As soon as the frost subsides, price