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Competition "Moose Hunting 10" I'm sure you can get the demo ?

Portal Forex trader 23.01.2019 at 12:44

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Hello !

the holidays are Over, back simple trading routine. This means that it is time to load guns and go hunting. Hunting for Moose ) for the tenth time, together with Alpari, we hold our most popular contest "Moose Hunting" . The task of the competition is simple — to merge with the demo account to lose as much virtual money in the battle for quite a real cash prizes. Ready to try your hand ?

what is the contest ?

Forex portal together with Alpari contest "Moose Hunting 10". The essence of the contest is very simple: you open a demo account and your goal is to lose as much virtual money in for 2 weeks. The most successful "hunters for moose" will receive cash prizes.

what are the prizes ?

the Prizes will be 10. Winners will be determined by the resource administration. No need to lose your entire account completely, but is less Than the Deposit, the higher the prize.

1st place — 300$ 2nd place 200$ 3rd place — 150$ 4th place — 100 USD 5th place — 75$ from 6 to 10th place — 50$

note: cash prizes will be paid via WebMoney or Yandex Money.

Also, the winner of 1st place will receive a smaller copy of the legendary Bull of wall Street! The ox brings good luck and profit in trading

date of contest

To participate in the contest you have until January 27 (inclusive) to register your contest account (see conditions below). The contest itself will be held from 28 January to 8 February. Ie to trade on the contest account, you will have 2 weeks. The contest results will be announced until 16 February (probably sooner).

the contest Rules — read carefully!

To participate in the contest "Hunting for an Elk is 10" you will need:

1. To register a demo Standard account with Alpari. The balance of demo account should be 1000$. Platform — MT4.

2. Indicate your name, number and password to the demo account by filling the form on the link:


3. In the period from 28 January to 8 February to make a a losing trade on your account, observing the limits (below).

Limitations: one person is accepted in the contest only 1 account. Until 28 January to open positions on a competitive account banned. You can only sell in pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD,USDJPY, the Size of each order is 0.01 lots. It is forbidden to keep more than 1 transaction on 1 currency pair at a time (but for different pairs are possible). Each transaction must be closed with a loss or profit at least 30 old points. By the end of the 2nd week (February 8), all deals on a competitive account should be closed. For an open position are also deemed to be not pending orders. A participant who made at least 10 transactions on their account during the contest or violated any other of these restrictions will be disqualified. An hour before market close on Friday (i.e. from 23:00 to 23:59 time IN the TERMINAL window "market Review"), you can close previously opened transactions profit/loss at least 30 old points, but to count on it and should not be abused. FAQ of the participant

I accidentally opened the wrong lot size/the wrong pair/ahead of time etc.!! I excluded ???

Yes, excluded. Rules and regulations.

And what leverage should I choose ?

Any, a lot is still fixed.

how do you know if I participate in the competition ? I get a confirmation ?

No, confirmation is not coming. A few days after the start of the contest in the forum topic (link at end of post), a list of participants in the form of a table attached to a topic. To see the attachments, need to register on the forum. If you do not find yourself in the list — write in a thread on the forum.

Where to ask a question ?

the best — in the thread on the forum (link below), so the probability of getting a response will be maximum.

Good hunting and plenty of moose !

the Discussion forum

regards, Pavel Vlasov