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Photoshoot in the winter night

Wedding and family photographer 25.01.2019 at 20:04

Michael noses

Evening photo shoot in the winter – one of the most beautiful, expressive and rich formats. The contrast of light and shadow, shining lights, deep dark background — all this creates a truly unique atmosphere personnel.

However, as practice shows, formal photo shoots are not very popular (at least in our city).

As it turned out, many photographers refuse to shoot on the street after sunset.

Why is this happening?

night scene is not only beautiful shots, but also a huge number of technical features. After all, one of the conditions for clear images – professional job with the light.

And even if the camera has a mode "night shooting" or "poor coverage", that does not is the key to a successful photo shoot.

it's All in the experience of the photographer, his skill and ability to work under low light level.

of Course, on the quality of the recording affects a huge number of technical characteristics of cameras of different levels (but we will not delve into these details). It is important to know that not every "DSLR" is the desired level of sensitivity to light (ISO) speed, exposure and other indicators.

So, turning to the photographer for the evening photo shoot, you may get dark frames from the fuzzy picture.

Evening photo session in Cheboksary

But all the above does not mean that you should abandon formal photo shoot. Believe me, these frames will not be like any some other in your photo library! Before shooting we will advise you on the selection of suitable images and recommend the places that will be perfect background (parks, lit by a lantern lit promenade and some busy streets).

If you are planning an evening photo shoot outside the urban bustle, we will add a bold and, importantly, the right light sources (candles, lamps).

Evening photo shoot is perfect for almost every kind of photography – Love story, family, portrait.

it is Important to know!

Be attentive to the advice and recommendations of the photographer during shooting. The contrast was correct and the shade was decorated with you, and not distorted facial features, an important perspective and your location. An experienced photographer knows all of the nuances and will tell you what and how to do better.

If your photo gallery is still there the evening of the photo shoot, we'll fix it and fill up your archive wonderful pictures!

Call or write +79278535333 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

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