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Vladimir Kostur: “KVN very much gave us and no TV League”

KVN for ALL 28.01.2019 at 08:23

KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

The Public "Vkontakte" "the Lone Ranger" published a long interview with the editor-Intern Premier League — Vladimir Costura.

— have You recently editor-Intern in the Premier League and editor in the Lamp. How did you receive these offers?

— And how do they usually do? Unexpectedly) After the next stage of filming Children's KVN called me and offered to try his hand as a trainee on the final Clip in the new Premier League season. Not gonna lie, I agreed without any "need to think".

— How did you come to KVN?

— KVN always liked. When in high school I watched games on TV, I didn't understand exactly what's going on, but laughed heartily.

the University was fortunate to get acquainted with the game closer, tried to play! Well, all I can't remember how I lived without a club cheerful and resourceful. If Denis Bykov reads this, again thank you for this attachment!

— You're the editor of a Children's KVN. That is, in fact, for many children now this Explorer are you and your colleagues in the League. Do you feel more responsibility in this regard?

— Child of KVN will always hold a special place in my life. There is a team that for 15 years (I'm only a few years there edit) brings up talents for the Central and the television leagues. We do not focus on the fact that we have some "guides", but when you work with kids, you become some kind of a fanatic and immersed in each greeting with a passion in the best sense of the word. Often the leaders of the team are simply teachers of additional education at school, and we all the editorial team themselves appends the competition, if only children have played the game. But our main goal is to teach children. Original thinking, writing, humor, acting, to work in a team, or just well arrange your time and so on — everything that gives the WHC. There is no purpose to make them stand-up comedians to the bone. In General, I mean it can talk, come and watch us, you'll see that the KVN is contagious)

the Full text read here.