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“a Dark look at the best festival”

KVN for ALL 28.01.2019 at 10:19

KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

Konstantin Raven summed up the results of the last Sochi festival.

There is a feeling that is compounded by a fault on the line of the party Telecon. One less trying to get along with others and this process is bilateral. For example, take vnutryak. Why is it so much? But because vnutryak is the most urgent, that is, at the festival, because who else would appreciate the joke about the Rubik's cube, Yarchenko, Tune, diner, etc.. And any urgency, especially where you face from year to year, automatically creates a bunch of humor. Before for their discharge was the teams ' performances in the crystal, music Cup, black biathlon, night black humor. Today, everywhere there are analogues, but not really.

Today all the fun of a festival is organized and top-down program, as in a camp or a Komsomol gathering. Here you are here here you make here you for an interview, here you are here. In the end, young teams again there is no gateway through which it would be possible to pull the vnutryak, dill and absurd. The teams tower turns left hemorrhoids stop them to come up with his performance, and again, prompting a simple the slippery slope of vnutryak. The party turn miserable and unfunny, they go, just because nothing else to do, and drinking is not desirable.

to Understand AMIK. Stand-up comedians need to drive, to organize, to create leisure time, to ensure that they do not booze and bespredelnichat. Although to be honest, it doesn't work. Drinking and socialising are still the two main whale night life of the festival. Because songs, dances, then the night sessions and parties in the rooms, and then some theme parties and concerts in Crystal.

it seems to Me, for the sake of experiment we need to do a festival without events. Who should apply, go ahead, but no timetable, schedule, and requirement. Well it's members. If they don't have thirst of self-realization, even if only of testosterone, the is something wrong with the game itself.

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