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The band "Metallica" has officially announced the release of beer "Pilsner Enter Night" 17.01.2019 at 15:45

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Following the recently released with a handful of whiskey "Blackened", the participants of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" has announced the release of beer "Pilsner Enter Night".

"This, of course, it is not a secret, but we are very happy to make the official announcement about the establishment, in cooperation with Arrogant Consortia (subdivision brewery Stone Brewing) of beer "Pilsner Enter Night". If you were on one of our recent gigs, you may have had of black-and-red banks, or even brought some with me. And now we're expanding across the country and, with the onset of spring, we will go to the international level, covering Europe, Australia, China and other countries!

Stone Brewing is a perfect partner with boundless communities in our ideals, opinions, and ways forward. Our views on the worlds in which we live, creativity and process, and a sense of place in relation to our peers and "Person" are almost identical. This cooperation is effortless and we can't wait to share this incredible drink with everyone. Under the leadership of Stone, along with their talented team of brewers, we were involved at every stage. The spirit of cooperation was powerful all the way from our headquarters outside of San Francisco to the brewery and Stone headquarters in San Diego, as well as behind the scenes many of our shows.

Follow "Enter Night Pilsner" at our concerts and check search from Arrogant Consortia to find the beer "Enter Night" near you.

have not Yet found our beer in the surrounding area? Come back... our friends from Stone, and banks are constantly delivering kegs of beer "Enter Night" at the new location!"

the Drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich), and one of the founders of the brewery Stone Brewing Greg Koch (Greg Koch) have repeatedly met Lars at home, "discussing" (in the jargon of the brewers, this means "eating") Beers.

"I remember seeing Metallica on the cover of a magazine, when the "Black album" just came out," says Greg. – "On this cover was a quote that close to me so far: "This is not Metallica reached the first place, and first place came to him." I was in awe of its meaning. Do it my way and never come to a compromise in his art. If you're good at what you do, people will come to you. I think this simple quote is one of the fundamental elements of the philosophy of Stone Brewing".