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Naples: the convent of Santa Chiara was the advertising campaign Pal Zileri

Naples Slavonic 22.01.2019 at 05:48

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In the Neapolitan convent of the 14th century Santa Chiara (Santa Chiara) was the advertising campaign spring-summer 2019 elite brand clothing Pal Zileri.

the Natural surroundings of steel frescoed walls and tiles columns of the gallery of the monastery of Santa Chiara in Naples. Here the heroes of the campaign decided to take refuge from the hustle of the modern world, to meditate and to find yourself again.

Photo: Kommersant

the Prints on the clothes resonate with the colorful design of the monastery, and the campaign, shot by Johan Sandberg, imbued with the true Italian spirit, writes "Kommersant ". Wide-leg pants designer Rocco Iannone offers to combine with jackets with print.

the Museum of the works of Santa Chiara is a religious complex in Naples

the Museum is located inside the monastery of Santa Chiara XIV century and reconstructs the history of the monumental complex, using archaeological, historical, architectural and artistic material.

Santa Chiara — a large religious complex in Naples, which includes not only the monastery, but the tomb, and the archaeological Museum. A covered gallery with columns and benches of the cloisters of the Church is decorated with majolica tiles that depict scenes from the life of Naples — the carnivals, sea journey, hunting.