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"Save Leningrad" has so far failed The article 23.01.2019 at 09:53

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22 January, Moscow hosted a press screening of Patriotic films "to Save Leningrad". Picture of Alexey Kozlov is based on real events of the 16th of September 1941, the year and tells the story of "the barge 752", which was classified until 2004.

At the press conference was attended by the filmmakers: the Director Alexey Kozlov, producer Arkady Fateev, actors Gela Meskhi, Maria Melnikova, Anastasia Melnikova, Andrei Mironov-Udalov.

Director Alexei Kozlov talked about some of the features of the painting, which he is particularly proud of.

- the Film was shot almost without any financial support from the state, without the participation of the Russian cinema Fund and the Ministry of culture. In creating a picture of financial aid the government of St. Petersburg, but it is less than ten percent of the total budget. The remaining 90% - the money creators. As claimed goats, all his fee remained in the film. The budget is 237 million.

the Press conference of the movie "to Save Leningrad"

- the film depicts the military battle on the shore of lake Ladoga, on the shooting of which was allocated to the city seven days and which the Director particularly happy. In an interview with reporters Kozlov stressed that seriously thinking to send this passage to the master Steven Spielberg.

- the Director is proud of and a ten-minute storm scene, where the actors without the help of stuntmen performed all the stunts.

- A scene on the barge, including the flooding of the car was removed with the help of modern technology in miniature. The Director even brought to the press conference a toy car that starred in the relevant stage.

- was Also built a full layout of the barge, which amounted to a length of 85 meters and was capable of withstanding on its Board for more than three hundred extras.

the Press conference of the movie "to Save Leningrad"

it was Impossible not to notice - even the trailer of the film - an obvious similarity with some scenes from "Titanic." In this connection, Alexei Kozlov asked a question about Frank quoting what the Director responded sharply, completely denying any similarity with ribbon Cameron. So sparked a real debate of the filmmakers with journalists throughout a press conference, first tried to fend off the attacks of the second, vyistavki in the picture, unfortunately, more defects than the story itself.

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