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Stanislav Markelov – a figure of history of the future

Inexplicably successful and at 34 already a well-known lawyer in high-profile political cases, ringleader of the left youth movement, a man of many interconnected environments, a supporter of a strong welfare state, a connoisseur of punk rock, associate of anti-fascists, trade unions, informal and "Novaya Gazeta", the fiery human rights activist and fierce critic of Russian liberalism, political stands and public intellectual, which had all chances to become a really important figure of the new, not yet come of age.

As often happens, the most well-known side biography of Stanislav Markelov starts with success in the professional field: from political processes, which he regularly won and even if you lose brilliantly was able to turn into a public demonstration of the lameness of Russian justice. The earlier moments of his biography and the less well-known aspects of professional activity has allowed to clarify the source of his amazing skills and extraordinary views.

Great interview 2006 especially valuable. In response to my request to tell about the Russian trade unions and their lawyer, Markelov, in fact, allowed to look at that dimension of his life and work, where great historical closely interwoven with an intimate biographical. Markelov-the organizer of the largest student movement of the ' 90s, Marcus-protector of the laid-off workers in regional enterprises, Markelov practices of radical social democracy: all of these are not obvious components of successful career of a lawyer perfectly illustrate how non-trivial trajectory he followed.

the abbreviated interview were published in the book "Nobody but me", dedicated to the memory of Stanislav Markelov. For the current publication, I re-checked it with the audio, eliminating inaccuracies decrypt and restore the missing fragments.

Read interview in Russian language.

Read English translation.