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Late dinner recognized safe for health

Apriori Women blog 22.01.2019 at 21:22

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Dinner Time it can not affect.

the well-Known rule "do not eat two hours before bedtime" has a reason, found by Japanese scientists.

it is believed that late dinner is bad for your health — sugar level does not have time to return to normal before people go to bed.

the representatives of the University of Okayama conducted a large-scale study involving 1 573 volunteers. For several years, they reported in their daily regime and regular blood tests, according to BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.

most of the participants kept a two-hour break between eating and sleeping, but 16% of men and 8% of women did not.

the Results of the tests showed that all people, regardless of their schedule, the sugar level was about the same. Dinner time it can not affect, in contrast to the other factors: weight, blood pressure, exercise, bad habits.

the authors of the study noted that a healthy lifestyle is the time of the last meal does not affect health.

Earlier, German researchers found that the rejection of Breakfast can lead to serious health problems — such a diet of 55% increases the risk of diabetes.

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