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In Moscow, implemented a pilot factoring guarantee support for IT company press releases 27.01.2019 at 21:00

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The Fund of assistance to crediting of small business of Moscow (Moscow guarantee Fund) and KB "Neklis-Bank" signed the first guarantee agreement under the pilot transaction by the Bank for implementing factoring services.

the Moscow guarantee Fund provides the Bank with recourse of the obligations of the organization, which operates in the field of information technology (IT) and inferior to the Bank to factor in monetary claims to the customers.

the Mechanism of the guarantee of factoring transactions of the Moscow guarantee Fund allows small and medium enterprises of Moscow to use liquid receivables as a tool for operational financing their business activities. The guarantee covers up to 70% of the volume of factoring operations, but not more than RUB 100 million.

"the Moscow guarantee Fund for the first time provided the guarantee for the factoring. This type of government support launched in pilot mode in late 2018: the guarantee Fund covers the risk of nonperformance of payment of the transaction. Typically, factoring is applied in commercial transactions when supplying goods for the top 100 chains of buyers. But a pilot guarantee of the guarantee Fund showed that the scheme of factoring can not only expand the small businesses, but also to effectively use for financing high-tech IT companies," commented the pilot of the Fund's Executive Director Anton Kuprinov.

Natalya kasperskaya, Chairman of the Board of the Association of software developers "national software", explained: "Historically, the Russian IT company has developed entirely on its own funds due to the high dynamics of growth of the market. The ability to attract long-term debt financing for companies in the IT sector is quite limited. Taking into account the new challenges of the transition to a digital economy and to create breakthrough technologies of the Russian domestic developers will require additional financial instruments. The new program of the Moscow guarantee Fund for factoring expands the possibilities of IT-companies of Moscow for the development of their own business by raising additional working capital".

"the Surety of factoring reduces risk and solves the problem of full funding of SMEs from the IT sector, with the lack of the last private mortgages for conventional lending. Banks are interested in cooperation with the Foundation for the program to increase financing of IT companies, including high-tech clusters, the city of Moscow", — added Vasily Kuzmenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CB "Neklis-Bank".

Entrepreneurs can submit an application to obtain a "surety factoring" to the email address of the Fund and service Centres for business in the districts of Moscow.