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What's wrong with "Nivoi": weaknesses of Chevrolet Niva told blogger

MComp 01.02.2019 at 04:09

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Blogger did a review of Chevrolet Niva by car in a snowy area, where he revealed all of his weaknesses.

the test Results appeared on the channel "Ermak AVTOTOR". The blogger demonstrated appearance "Snowy", checked the car in action, then reported that the strengths of this model virtually no. Weak 1.7-liter engine with the recoil only 80 "horses" gets to carry the weight of "Chevrolet Niva", starting from 1,400 kg, comes with 16-inch wheels. Suspension and brakes have a copy too leave much to be desired.

the speed of the SUV drops significantly when going uphill: for example, 90 km/h easily can be lowered to 70 km/h Without using the transfer case can not do, if you had a chance to get into drifts or deep mud. In addition, it does not always work the first time to include a locking center differential: the manufacturer has carried it on one arm with "razdatkoy", and it often happens that it is not enough just to pull one over and you have to drive a couple of metres and try again. Or include in advance, if you know that "Led" will be off-road.

Another weakness of the SUV were the noises: the car is almost never ceases to rattle and vibrate, especially at speed close to 100 km/h. fuel Consumption is also increased at high speeds – up to 12 L. the Author has said that the owners of Chevrolet Niva needs to follow the cap of the coolant and not to tighten it too much otherwise it may break the hose or the stove.

According to the blogger, buy "Snevo" for the more solid appearance of the SUV and low prices are not worth it, because then the car constantly have to worry about. No wonder even the warranty on this machine previously was given a very small – 1 year or about 35,000 km. In the comments of the blogger supported, calling the car a "piece of metal".

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