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Inflame the dispute between the Slavs: General of the American army hopes to use Poland in the war against Russia

MComp 01.02.2019 at 09:37

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Commander of US forces in Europe, Colonel-General Ben Hodges made a provocative statement in which he said that the key factor of containment of Russia in Europe is Poland. The General said, that Poland will play a key role in the coming military conflict between NATO and Russia.

According to the General-the Colonel of troops of the USA Ben Hodges, the Polish Republic is destined to play a key role in a possible military conflict between NATO and Russia. The key role of Poland lies in the fact that its territory is a convenient transportation hub between the major U.S. allies in the region. The same Poland has the strongest and most numerous, in the framework of the NATO army. Polish armed forces are able to quickly mobilize and deploy large numbers of people to the desired theater of operations. Hosted in Poland offensive weapons able to hit most targets in the West and North-West of Russia, and the presence of a common border with the Kaliningrad oblast allows you to hit the bases and ships of the Baltic fleet. As General Hodges stressed the importance of Poland in cooperation projects in the countries of Tremore (the code name for the cooperation of the countries of the Adriatic, Baltic and Black seas). The list of these countries include the former Soviet republics of the Baltic States, Romania, Turkey, Croatia which, in the case of a military conflict with Russia, also expects the leadership of the U.S. army.

American geostrategy, politics, and the military is already not the first year I expect that in the event of a military conflict with Russia they will be able to wash off the borders of the Russian Federation flows Polish blood. Fortunately, such sentiments of the US ruling elite contribute to some of the Polish politicians, sincerely convinced that the entire history of relations between Russia and Poland is the ongoing story of the occupation and oppression of Poland by Russia. Founder of the private information-analytical Agency Stratfor (which eye is called a "private CIA") George Friedman in his book "the Next hundred years. Forecast for XXI century" predicted the disintegration of Russia in 2030e year, which will occur largely due to the active military and foreign policy of Poland. According to the forecasts of Friedman the main beneficiaries of the collapse of Russia should be Poland, Turkey and Japan that will greatly increase its territory at the expense of the disintegrated Russia and will be faithful allies of the USA.

Many of the leaders of Poland, configured extremely skeptical in relation to Russia, is haunted by the problem of the separation of spheres of influence between Russia and Poland in the post-Soviet space. Seeking the support of Washington and London, the current leadership of Poland hopes that he will be able to set their own rules cryptocyanine in Belarus and Ukraine, using the fact as many people from these countries travel to Poland for work and study. However, a prominent Pro-American orientation of these elite groups of modern Poland, along with their hostility to Germany, constantly puts them under pressure from the European Union. It is possible that in the near future to power in Poland will come representatives of Pro-European-minded political forces and the American attempts to turn Poland into an anti-Russian fortress will fail.

As said Alexander Pushkin about Russian-Polish conflict: "Leave it all dispute between the Slavs themselves". Unfortunately, in Washington, looking at the Russian-Polish cold friendship of the two related Slavic peoples, for some reason decided that they have the right to intervene in family disputes.

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