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How to restore youth to the face? :.: Article 31.01.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Woman at any age wants to be beautiful, but to maintain the gorgeous appearance you want to exert more effort. Plastic surgery is now affordable for everyone, but many refuse to carry out surgery on the face, for fear of the consequences. To dispel doubts, we want to tell you about a few popular procedures and results. In the center of plastic surgery Estet Clinics conducted all kinds of operations, but each treatment is individually, after a medical examination. For example, you have decided that you need fillers, but specialist say that you should start with the rejuvenation of the face, and fillers wait. Everything has its time and its procedure, therefore, first and foremost, consult your physician and get recommendations, and then plan your work on the face. SCITON photorejuvenation BBLot Safe effect on the skin of the broadband light. A special device able to emit light waves of a certain frequency, thereby exerting a rejuvenating effect. Photorejuvenation will help to get rid of rosacea, acne, post-acne. The waves will remove pimples, marks from acne, age spots, spider veins, get rid of excess hair. Physician, adjusting the wavelength and using special filters, is having an impact. In addition to correcting cosmetic imperfections, the device is able to increase the turgor of the skin, eliminate wrinkles, tighten the oval of the face. For a full course, depending on the type of problem, conduct 2-3 sessions. The result of the procedure are immediately noticeable, spots disappear within 2 days, pronounced for a couple of weeks. Facelift with Aptos threads is Another procedure for facial rejuvenation that do not require direct surgical intervention. When the shape of the face begins to lose shape, appear flews, ptosis, deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles. The first thing that comes to mind is plastic surgery on the face. But maybe will help you more easy to perform procedure thread lift. Just half an hour using a cannula — a special thin needle under the skin are strands on individually defined contours. For a lasting effect (up to 5 years) use non-absorbable strands that frame the face, pulling of fabric, but not breaking the mimicry.The second option thread lifting — absorbable threads. In this case, the strands dissolving stimulate tissue regeneration and collagen production, tightening facial contours. The effect of such filaments is kept for 2 years. Facelift Endoscopic facelift is a full — fledged operation in which moves all of the facial tissues, including muscles and adipose tissue. Face noticeably younger, the scars remains, preserved naturalness. No one will suspect that a person has a facelift. By the way, the procedure is used not only women but also men, because endoscopic facelift removes deep nasolabial folds and gets "leaked" to the youth. If you want to restore youth, but are afraid, come for a consultation at the clinic, listen to the opinion of a specialist. You may recommend invasive procedures, there are so many options to restore the freshness of the face that many we do not even know. Stay always beautiful! ...