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Rhetoric. What means of expression? :.: Article 31.01.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

He was always a Talented actor. His speech is so expressive that it is able to hold the attention of listeners. Is it possible to learn this technique of expression? Go to the fourth part of the article, Listen to a speech by a professional storyteller. Voice while reading "playing the melody" by lowering and raising the tone, with pauses of different duration, highlight the main words. Logical and emotional emphasis improves perception. And then there are tools such as tempo, volume, power of the voice. The task of the means of expression — to convey the inherent meaning of the author, feelings. From the school course we remember that sentences (phrases, complete thoughts) are declarative, interrogative and exclamation. Teach children to recognize different color phrase and pronounce correctly. Teach your child emotional recitato: Depositphotos Game "Ask a question". Encourage the child to formulate all sorts of questions. Misha goes to kindergarten? Lena is involved in swimming? What grows in the garden? Earth — planet in the Solar system? Spoken with different intonation, tracking the change of meaning. — Kate goes to school. Tell your child that it's just a fact, a message about Kate, who goes to school. — Kate goes to school? Follow the inflection of the question. — Kate goes to school! The exclamation important to convey strong emotion. Every time I ask, when and who could say why this was said (to inform, to question, to convey joy, surprise). In November the snow fell.— In November the snow fell?— In November it snowed! The main words allocated to the semantic, udareniyami: Depositphotos it's Important to know: the Words in the sentence are spelled separately but pronounced together. Pause on the letter denoted by the punctuation. Pause different longitude. At the end of the phrase, they are longer than in the middle of a sentence. The more parts are associated in meaning, the shorter the pause between them. To work on the rhythm of the text, you can use the game for drummers. Note beat of a pause, talking (listening) text. Two punch — a long pause, one short. Grandfather planted a turnip.//Turnip grew very big.//My grandfather went to pull the turnip. //Pull — pull / pull may not. //Called grandfather grandmother. //For Dedkov grandmother, /, Dedkov for turnip, / pull — pull / pull can not. // Expressive reading always depends on understanding, textface: Depositphotos is the key word. The main word we distinguish semantic emphasis. For this there are certain techniques: slowing down, raising or lowering the tone, sometimes absolem pauses. Change the logical stress changes the meaning of the sentence: On the lawn grew tall PINE. On the lawn grew high PINE? On the lawn grew HIGH pine? Observe with the child for a change of meaning and the way of its transmission by means of a logical stress. The development of speech and expressive reading is always dependent on the understanding of the text. Before recitation, make sure that the child understood the basic meaning and individual words and phrases. If the child cannot understand the text, then you can't expressive it rasskazhite: Depositphotos Remember in the first grade could not remember Pushkin's poem, given to us for learning. Persecuted vernal rays From the surrounding mountains already snow Ran muddy streams of sunken meadow. For urban girls the picture of the flooded meadows are not familiar with. In addition, I did not understand the words "spring", "surrounding". To test understanding make questions about the text, ask them to convey the basic meaning of the whole works and individual pieces. To be continued... ...

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