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What to cook for Chinese New year? :.: Article 31.01.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Traditional Chinese New year, chunjie — Spring Festival, one of the favorite holidays of people of China. Celebrate it for a long time, up to fifteen days, and thoroughly. This year to celebrate the New year in China, will be 5 Feb. Like many other peoples, the Chinese believe that as will meet New year so it and you will live. And what's a holiday without delicious food?! Moreover, the components of the main dishes symbolize good wishes, such as health, luck, wealth, birth and others. On the first day of the New year is dominated by dishes of rice, as this grain symbolizes prosperity and a good harvest. For example, depending on the terrain, it can be rice balls with various fillings, wedges of rice, glutinous rice in reed leaves. Rice balls with chicken, nachinaite: Depositphotos Chicken symbolizes peace, so the Chinese are certainly preparing chicken dishes below tasted it, the whole year to spend in peace. Very easy to prepare and important to the Christmas snack table — marble or tea, eggs. They symbolize gold and silver. If you want to have in your home came wealth, will cook marble eggs and put them in the place of honor of the holiday table. On New year's cook long noodles — the longer, the longer will be the life of a person tasted this simple dish. The Chinese like the whole family to prepare new year's dumplings with different fillings, but take only the filling, which symbolizes a good life. So, if someone gets the dumpling with the date, his family will be a boy. Also on the table will certainly be a fortune cookie. To feel at the festive table in a Chinese family, you can cook on February 5, several traditional Christmas dishes. Marble, aizatto: Depositphotos is an easy place to Start the new year recipe — marble (tea) eggs. For 6 eggs you will need 1 tablespoon of black tea, cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon of pepper-peas, 3 tablespoons soy sauce; peel of tangerine or orange, salt, sugar to taste. You can also use star anise, anise or other spice rack. The eggs cook for two minutes, remove, put under cold water. With a knife make cracks in the shell, again put into the water. Cracked you can do the light strikes the back side of a spoon. The more get cracking, the more beautiful will look like eggs and the richer and more unusual their taste. Add in the water all the other ingredients, put on low heat and cook for about an hour. Then leave the eggs in the marinade for a few hours. The table is served in a purified form. Rice, leiskite: Depositphotos Nian-Gao — rice cakes as a symbol of wishes for success. These cakes put on the table, give to family and friends. In our day, nian-Gao is cooked with various fillings, but the traditional components of this dish are glutinous rice, cane sugar, eggs, milk and water. European mistress sometimes substitute rice flour for wheat. For preparation will need: a Cup of rice flour, one egg, half a Cup of water, two tablespoons milk, two tablespoons sugar, two tablespoons of dried fruit. Water brought to a boil, dissolve sugar in it, cooled. Add milk, egg and flour. Knead the dough until smooth. Add finely chopped dried fruits and mix thoroughly. Pellet spread in the form greased with oil, bake for 40 minutes in a preheated 150 degree oven. Take out, sprinkle with sugar. And finally, here is a recipe of tasty treats — rice balls.Although these beads are prepared not only for the New year and other significant holidays. The shape of the dessert symbolizes the unity and the fullness of life. Rice balls can be boiled, and can be Amaretto: Depositphotos Cook rice balls with different fillings. Most popular fillings: candied fruits and nuts, bean paste, black sesame seeds, candied ginger. Ready balls as dumplings, freeze, then boil for 5 minutes and delicacy ready. For rice balls, we need: for the dough — 120 g rice flour 15 g corn starch, salt and sugar to taste, 10 g butter, 100 g of water; for the filling 25 g of walnuts and peanuts, to 15 grams black sesame and candied fruits, 130 g brown sugar, 50 g butter, dried peel from one tangerine. Make the filling: in a frying pan Warmed nuts, peanuts and zest, let cool. Mince the peanuts, nuts, peel, candied fruit and sesame seeds. To the mixture add the brown sugar and melted butter, mix thoroughly and leave for half an hour. Prepare the dough: In a bowl pour the flour, salt, sugar, starch, stir. Then in a circle, thin stream pour in the boil water. With a wooden spoon, quickly stir. The resulting lumpy mass. Then knead until smooth. Do the test in the recess and put the oil. Knead until dissolved in this oil, the dough should be elastic and not stick to hands. Put the dough in a plastic bag to maintain flexibility. Stuffing divide into portions and roll into balls. Then take a piece of dough and formed from his small balls. Then do the finger in the ball recess and replusive it in the cake. In the center of the tortilla put the stuffing ball and close the dough. Gently rolled the rice ball between your hands until the dough is evenly tightened the stuffing. And finally rolled the ball across the Board sprinkled with rice flour. The finished balls drop into boiling water and cook for about three minutes — the balls should float then for another minute. The balls are served in broth, which they cooked to them. As a variant of rice balls — balls of boiled rice. Cook rice (2 cups of salted water to 1 Cup rice), add 50 g of butter, sugar to taste, mix thoroughly, close the lid, wrap it up, leave for half an hour. Photo: Depositphotos Then, until the rice is warm, form small pellets, in the middle put the filling and form balls. When serving pour sweet syrup or syrup from jam. Options sweet sauce and toppings are numerous. These balls can also be stuffed with savoury fillings — a matter of taste. Bon appetit and happy Chinese New year! ...

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